Mike Causeys Federal Report

  • Tuition for 200? No Problem!

    How would you like to have 20 children in college at the same time? Could you handle it? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that some very generous feds have been handling it very well for a long time

  • Attendance Derby: Congress vs. Feds

    Congress is back in town today after an extended summer break. What it’ll find, in addition to a stack of unfinished business, is the career federal workforce which has been toiling away keeping things running.

  • Tales from the Retirement Crypt

    Are you going to spend your first months in retirement traveling, playing or relaxing…or will you become obsessed with watching your bank balance? Mike Causey says that is what happens to a growing number of retirees.

  • FEHBP Premiums: Burying The Skunk

    When you’ve got bad news that must be released from Washington the rule of thumb is to make it public late Friday afternoon. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey calls it burying the skunk and this one belongs to you.

  • Shutdown Fears Cure ED – Really

    Older federal workers, who often suffer from ED, are suddenly in demand among their younger colleagues eager to hear about how they survived the last time Congress and then Mother Nature shutdown the government, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey reports

  • Lifeguard duty on Labor Day

    Even though it’s a federal holiday, the one when working folks are supposed to rest, Uncle Sam has millions of lifeguards – civilian and military – on duty today. For obvious reasons. And even if you can’t see them, they are there, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

  • Laboring on Labor Day! What gives?

    Was Labor Day just another work day for you? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to hear from feds who kept on working while the rest of us cooked hot dogs and went to the beach.

  • Treading water in the pay pool

    Federal employees are in the same boat as many private sector workers when it comes to cost-of-living pay increases. But, at least, feds can look forward to a likely 1 percent pay bump next January, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • For a (very) few dollars more …

    Although feds received a 1 percent pay raise last January and can expect a repeat come 2015, they may still be feeling the effects of the Great Recession, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Sound off, your turn

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey shares feedback from his readers about working on Labor Day.