Naval War College

  • Tom Nichols, Professor of National Security Affairs, Naval War College

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered top-to-bottom changes for the nation’s nuclear missile force. He wants to spend billions of dollars to fix problems with leadership, security and morale. The move comes after an exam-cheating scandal revealed numerous personnel problems among those entrusted with the country’s 450 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. What’s the future for this mission? Tom Nichols, a professor of national security affairs at Naval War College and a nuclear arms expert, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain.

  • Rear Adm. Jeffrey Harley: Navy plans for future wars

    Military planners often look out three or five or 10 years in advance to predict requirements. Now a new institute at the Naval War College is looking at the long-range warfare needs of the U.S. Rear Adm. Jeffrey Harley, president of the Naval War College, fills in Federal Drive with Tom Temin on the Institute for Future Warfare studies.

  • Dave Polatty: Exercise simulates military, civilian interactions during a crisis

    Students at the Naval War College and several universities in Massachusetts participated in exercises to simulate how military and civil interaction in times of crisis. They retreated to a state park to enact a refugee situation. Dave Polatty, director of the civilian-military humanitarian response program at the Naval War College, explains the purpose of this annual program on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • CNO warns about ‘changing character’ of military competition

    New competitors and the rapid advance of technology have changed the character of military competition, and the US military has to change with it.

  • Jackie Schneider: Naval War College tests cyber attack defenses

    The Naval War College recently conducted a Navy-Private Sector Critical Infrastructure Wargame to test U.S. defenses against a major cyber attack.

  • Scott Maucione: Professor says military needs to drop strict rules on appearance

    Naval War College professors tells Federal News Radio that the military needs to drop strict rules on appearance in order to attract more talent