• Networx on Slow Roll

    Karl Krumbholz, GSA’s director of Networx services program, says while agencies realize the importance of the program, they are hitting some road bumps including planning for the Trusted Internet Connections initiative and IP Version 6.…

  • DoD hires Verizon under Networx

    The Defense Department has chosen Verizon to provide both voice and data services under the Networx telecommunications contract. DoD ran two separate competitions that were worth a combined $1.1 billion and Verizon won both, the…

  • OMB to analyze major agency progress with FDCC

    Evans still pushing for more results in final 6 weeks

  • OMB to analyze major agency progress with FDCC

    Evans still pushing for more results in final 6 weeks

  • State award under Networx protested

    A second award under the Networx contract has been withdrawn because of protest. The State Department awarded a contract to AT&T, but Qwest protested the award to the Government Accountability Office. A State spokesman says…

  • Nomination hearing for Martha Johnson

    Questions for the nominee to head the General Services Administration, former GSA Chief of Staff Martha Johnson, ranged from surplus properties to the Networx contract. She answered questions from the members of the Senate Homeland…

  • GSA awards Internet security contract to Verizon

    By Dorothy Ramienski Internet Editor FederalNewsRadio The General Services Administration awarded an additional Internet security contract modification today to Verizon Business Services. Verizon got the award as a contract modification on GSA’s Networx Universal telecommunications…

  • GSA gives agencies drop-dead date for Networx transition

    Agencies now have until Aug. 30 to hire a telecommunications provider. GSA and the carriers still are concerned that they will not have enough time to complete the transition by mid-2011. Interagency Management Council trying to increase the urgency of the need for agencies to move to Networx.

  • Transition from FTS 2001 to Networx has some scrambling

    This week, host John Gilroy answers all your questions about the important move when he talks with representatives from TurningPoint. May 11, 2010

  • Why the delay with the transition to Networx?

    WFED’s Jason Miller reports from Capitol Hill.