Nick Sinai

  • Feds lead Smart Grid development effort

    The Senate is now considering a bill, approved last week by the House, designed to help the nation’s electrical grid evolve into an enhanced Smart Grid which would help protect itself from cyber-attacks. In addition, however, the Smart Grid is also expected to help the nation do a better job of managing our electrical resources. A group of federal employees recently talked about their role in developing the Smart Grid.

  • Inside the Reporter’s Notebook: A new job for a former VA senior official; Countdown to cloud credential pilot begins

    News and buzz in the acquisition and IT communities that you may have missed this week.

  • In Depth Show Blog – September 9, 2013

    On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to our interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day, as well as links to other stories and resources we discuss.

  • White House says agencies slowly meeting open data milestones

    Seven months after the White House issued a new policy and executive order, some agencies have met the requirements to release their data inventories and create a “/data” page. But many agencies have yet to follow through on the milestones.

  • OSTP asks agencies for ‘bold, ambitious’ open government initiatives

    A new memo from CTO Todd Park requires agencies to update their open government plans by June 1. The plans should include new efforts as well as progress reports on current initiatives.

  • GSA’s agile RFI beginning of ‘systemic change’ in IT acquisition

    The General Services Administration’s 18F and the Office of Integrated Technology Services issued a request for information as part of its strategy to create a blanket purchase agreement where agencies can buy agile development services for IT projects. Experts say the RFI shows how the government is beginning to adopt industry best practices.

  • From CDOs to CIOs: Agencies must find balance between hip, cool and timeworn, true

    As more and more agencies hire chief data officers, the question arises, what’s the difference between data and information? And where does the chief information officer fit into the discussion? In the first part of our special report, Deconstructing the CDO, federal CIOs and CDOs agree there is room for both as agencies mature their use and understanding of data.

  • White House’s DJ Patil places laser focus on ‘unleashing the power of data’

    DJ Patil, the government’s first-ever chief data scientist, explains his mission using a simple phrase: “responsibly unleash the power of data for the benefit of the American public.” In part 2 of Federal News Radio’s special report, Deconstructing the CDO, Patil tells Federal News Radio how his office is helping agency CDOs bring a ruthless focus to data.

  • White House recognizing risks of big data

    A new report by the federal chief technology officer highlights the power of big data while also emphasizing the need to consider its ethical implications.

  • US Digital Service grew into a ‘monster,’ will Trump rein it in?

    OMB changed the reporting structure of the U.S. Digital Service, taking it out from under the federal CIO. Current and former government sources say the organization grew too big and powerful, and needs to be better controlled by the new administration.