• Decade-old cookie policy under review

    OMB drafting new guidance to let agencies use function to better understand citizen Web behavior. Draft policy includes opt-in option.

  • OMB details draft of new federal cookie policy

    Notice likely to be published in Monday’s federal register. White House wants comments on new rules.

  • OMB seeks right recipe for web cookie policy

    After more than 9 years, the Office of Management and Budget is about to revise its original policy banning the use of web cookies, or tracking software, on federal websites. The change is expected to help federal web managers better run their sites, and also offer the same kinds of user experiences now commonplace on commercial and private-sector websites.

  • OMB’s Sunstein links records and open government

    The Obama Administration believes that one of the major planks of an open and transparent government is the ready access to public information by citizens. One of the top federal officials involved in managing the federal government’s rules and regulations says those who maintain the government’s paper and electronic records are the ”backbone of a transparent and open government.”

  • OMB bakes new cookie policy for federal websites

    The Office of Management and Budget today released a long-awaited cookie policy on the use of web management and customization technologies. OMB also released a memorandum on privacy policies regarding the use of popular third-party social collaboration websites and applications.

  • OMB issues new cookie policy for federal IT managers

    WFED’s Max Cacas reports.

  • OMB appoints plain language working group

    The administration issued a new memo to help agencies implement the Plan Writing Act. Agencies have a set of deadlines to meet over the next year as part of the law.

  • Chief Executive orders review of outdated regulations

    In an effort ”to root out regulations that conflict, that are not worth the cost, or that are just plain dumb,” the President has signed an Executive Order requiring agencies to submit a plan to review existing regulations to ensure they are not burdensome. The mandate also details five steps agencies must take to improve their regulatory process. The White House wants better coordination among agencies when writing new rules.

  • Obama’s regulatory reforms draw mixed reviews

    Experts and lawmakers say the proof will be in the OIRA guidance to agencies in how impactful these reforms will be. Agencies must submit plans to OIRA in 120 days about how they will review existing regulations to ensure they are still relevant. Agencies will have to determine a cost-benefit analysis on existing rules.

  • OMB finalizes plain writing law implementation

    OIRA issues its second memo since the Plain Writing Act became law detailing deadlines and training requirements.