• This Old Contracting System

    Just how many private contractors are employed by the federal government? No one really knows – and the Partnership for Public Service says that’s a problem, especially in light the stimulus package that’s about to…

  • Anyone For Pork Tartar?

    In what city is pork the favorite fruit of the ruling classes? If you guessed Washington DC you are a winner. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey takes a look at how this odd taste preference going to affect the president’s plan to overhaul government contracting.

  • Pres. Obama, Peter Orszag

    CHEERS To President Obama who wisely gave the coup de grâce to the ill fated A-76 process. The A-76 process, to outsource tasks once only performed by government, had some worthy goals. But, the implementation…

  • The Changing Face of the Acquisition Workforce

    We learned earlier this week about Defense Secretary Roberts Gates’ proposed budget for 2010. Gates is calling for 39,000 full-time civil servants to be hired in the next five years, but how will that affect…

  • GOP lawmakers pitch fed workforce reduction bill

    Some Republican members of Congress are making an election-year pitch to reduce the Federal worker headcount, and save money. But would it really do that?

  • Is DoD ignoring lessons learned from insourcing?

    The Defense Department has been trying to improve efficiencies and cut costs by using both competitions with the private sector and High Performance Organizations (HPOs), a solution based in-house rather than on a public-private competition.

  • OFPP previews the future of in and outsourcing

    The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is recommending all agencies use only the definition of inherently governmental as defined in the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act, and create a test to determine whether other jobs should be done only by federal employees. OFPP’s Dan Gordon has details.

  • Security at issue with e-passports

    A U.S. government contractor is still assembling a key passport component in Thailand despite repeated warnings about security risks. The Center for Public Integrity’s John Solomon explains.

  • Postal Service worksharing outgrows its intention

    Worksharing has grown so much and so fast at the Postal Service, it has created unintended consequences. We get details from Mohammad Adra is with the Office of Inspector General at the Postal Service.

  • Defense to swap IT workers with private sector

    The Pentagon is launching a pilot program to share IT workers with the private sector.