pay debate

  • Federal Pay Cut: What A Good Idea!

    Forget about a federal pay freeze. Why don’t we cut to the chase and simply cut federal salaries? While it may be a popular idea, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says this one requires a little more thought.

  • Pay Freeze? We Need To Talk

    You can insult a man, tell a woman she’s putting on weight or remind the arresting officer that you’ve got his number and you pay his salary and maybe get away with it. But mess with a federal workers’ paycheck and Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says you’ve got a very Uncivil Servant by the tail.

  • The F-Word: Don’t Quit Your Daytime Job

    According to Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, the F-word is being heard more and more each day in federal agencies. What it means, Mike says, is don’t quit your daytime job.

  • Heritage: General Schedule should be abandoned

    A new report suggests federal pay is burdening the American taxpayer. Study author James Sherk with the Heritage Foundation has details.

  • OPM trying to correct fed salary facts

    Agency said latest statistics find on average federal employees make 22 percent less than their private sector counterparts. Sheldon Friedman, chairman of the Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee, says recent news stories about feds making more than the private sector do not accurately depict the data.

  • Berry: claims about feds’ pay ‘unfair and untrue’

    OPM says that it’s unfair to compare federal workers’ compensation with private sector workers at-large. Federal workers are specialized and have a higher degree of education, and only 11 percent of employees work in blue collar jobs. In addition, OPM director John Berry told Federal News Radio that the number of healthcare and technology professionals in the federal workforce grew by 50 percent over the last 30 years. The Cato Institute reports that federal employees rank in the top five sectors based on average annual pay.

  • OPM federal pay argument rebutted by Cato

    ”Federal and private employees are apples and oranges because the former is dependent on the latter for its existence. In the natural world, this relationship is call (sic) parasitism,” writes Cato’s Tad DeHaven.

  • Federal Workers: A Very Different Breed of Cat

    Compared to the private sector, civil servants are a very different breed of cat, as Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains.

  • Federal employees in the crosshairs explained

    Why do people LAUGH when someone says ”I’m from the government and I’m here to help”? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey keeps his finger on the pulse and tells us the patient will live. Probably.

  • Feds Helping/Hurting Economic Recovery

    Are federal workers the driving force behind economic recovery, or are fat cat bureaucrats making things worse? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it depends on which set of factoids you read and believe.