• Military culture blamed for increased ID theft risk

    The military’s use of personal identifiable information places service members at a higher risk of identity theft than the population at large.

  • DoD still working to tighten SSN controls

    The Defense Department continues to scrub service members’ social security numbers from public DoD websites. The armed services plan to transition to an alternative ID number system by 2012.

  • DoD to begin phasing out SSNs on ID cards

    The Defense Department will begin taking Social Security numbers off of the ID cards held by DoD employees and retirees. The changes, part of a 2008 SSN reduction plan, will begin in June, officials said.

  • Army IT Agency showing the value, potential of emerging technologies

    Greg Garcia, the director of the Army’s IT Agency, said the organization has been piloting a virtualized desktop initiative and almost is ready to move into full production.

  • 5 trends that will drive tech investments in 2015

    With an increasing number of organizations looking to modernize their computing environments, expand their focus on secure and compliant hosting, and meet the growing demands of an increasingly mobile workforce, 2015 is poised to be transformative for government agencies.

  • How worried are feds about the OPM data breach?

    Are you a current or former fed that may have been impacted by the data breach? Take our poll and tell us how worried you are about the safety of your personal information.

  • Hackers have you by the PIIs, now what?

    Ever hear of a credit freeze? asks Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. One federal employee from Washington State says it might be the solution for those worried that their personally identifiable information may have been exposed by hackers.

  • Protect federal workers from the consequences of data theft

    Commentary: Former DHS human capital exec Jeff Neal says we should rethink how HR approaches this responsibility of protecting the personal data of federal workers.

  • Estimate grows on number of feds exposed in data breach

    As many as 14 million current and former civilian employees may have had their personal information exposed to hackers, two sources told the Associated Press, a far higher figure than the 4 million the Obama administration initially disclosed.

  • OMB’s latest DATA Act guidance highlights PII, financial assistance

    The Office of Management and Budget published more guidance for agencies on what and how to report spending information to comply with the upcoming implementation of the DATA Act.