President Barack Obama

  • OMB finalizes performance baseline

    New chief performance officer has more data than ever on agency execution

  • Obama Orders Gitmo Closing

    President Obama ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Prison within a year. The president signed an executive order today directing the CIA to stop holding terrorism suspects for months and years and to now…

  • Biden’s V-P Role

    The president’s confidant – not the deputy president. That’s how Joe Biden sees his role as vice president to President Barack Obama. Biden says he hopes he can help the president shape policy. And Biden…

  • Killefer Withdraws as CPO

    Nancy Killefer withdrew her nomination to serve as chief performance officer, after coming forward with concerns about her personal taxes. President Obama picked Killefer last month to serve at OMB. David Mark, Senior Editor for…

  • Obama amends order to include CTO

    In a notice published in Wednesday’s Federal Register, the President amended Executive Order 12859 from August 1993 by removing the AIDS Policy Coordinator and replaces it with an Assistant to the President and Chief Technology Officer

  • House GOP crying foul over Census

    House Republicans up in arms over a possible change in the management of the Census.

  • Obama pledges to cut deficit in half

    President Barack Obama has vowed to cut the country’s budget deficit in half by the end of his first term. Obama laid out the guiding principle of his budget policy at a White House conference.

  • Examining Obama’s Foreign Policy

    President Barack Obama has a lot on his plate, and finding a balance between domestic and foreign policy is an ever-present challenge. Some critics are saying the President’s foreign policy lacks cohesion and a central…

  • State of the Address

    President Barack Obama addressed Congress and the nation last night. The president talked about the economy and his plans for the future, including his 2010 budget proposal. Jodi Schneider, Senior Editor of Congressional Quarterly, joins…

  • What Obama’s Address Meant For Feds

    Most of us listened to the president speak to a joint session of Congress last night. What does the speech mean for you and your job? Donald Kettl, a professor of political science at the…