• Small Business, Big Impact

    What role do small businesses play in the military communications marketplace? At this year’s MILCOM conference small businesses are getting the chance to meet with representatives of the major military communications companies as part of…

  • Realignment moves hit Guam

    Two major defense contractors are joining forces to compete for the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-Based Midcourse Defense development and sustainment contract.

  • Defense Companies Boost Technical Career Programs

    An expected flood of retirements in the technology industry is leading U.S. aerospace and defense companies to step up their support for educational programs that will encourage students to pursue technical careers.

    A study by Aviation Week magazine found that, among companies with more than 100,000 workers, 19 percent of employees are now at retirement age, and that the figure will jump to more than 30 percent by the end of 2012.

    In reaction, companies like Raytheon are sponsoring student robotics competitions and forming partnerships with technical schools in an effort to address the expected shortage of workers trained in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    The problem hits home for aerospace and defense companies especially, as many engineering jobs in the field are only open to U.S. citizens.

  • Raytheon makes a big cyber buy

    Raytheon has acquired Trusted Computer Solutions, a privately held company that delivers a comprehensive portfolio of cross-domain, operating system and network security solutions.

  • Wounded veterans trained in cybersecurity

    Raytheon and Cisco are joining up to expand the Wounded Warrior Project. The programs they are sponsoring make it easier for wounded servicemen and women to re-enter the workplace with the skills they need to become cybersecurity professionals.

  • Wounded vets trained in cybersecurity

    The Wounded Warrior Project is a new collaboration among Raytheon, Cisco – it offers wounded veterans a chance to learn computer and cybersecurity skills. Bob Connors, project director, talks with Federal News Radio about the details.

  • Raytheon increases cybersecurity capabilities

    The contractor joins the growing number of companies adding cybersecurity capabilities.

  • West Point cadets test cybersecurity program

    Cadets are taking on the role of ”malicious insiders” in a study of front-line cyber threats.

  • West Point cadets train for cyber frontlines

    Cadets at West Point are on the cyber-front lines. How are they preparing for these new roles?

  • Northrop & Raytheon make two for OPTARSS-II

    Both Raytheon and Northrop claim part of an Army Forces Command contract to support military operational and training needs.