• Interior Sec. Salazar outlines restructure at MMS

    Secretary says agency ”no longer exists” and details new agency’s responsibilities.

  • Can government reorg produce real efficiency?

    American University scholar in residence Beryl Radin outlines the challenges of reorganization government, called for by President Obama in his State of the Union address.

  • OMB to make reorg recommendations by June 30

    Jeff Zients, OMB’s deputy director for management and chief performance officer, said he sent an email to federal employees asking for ways to reform export and trade missions of agencies. He said there are 12 different agencies that have programs in these areas. A new platform has collected almost 1,200 ideas so far.

  • Agency reorganization plan on track for June deadline

    OMB’s Jeff Zients told Senate lawmakers that his office has held 250 meetings to discuss agency reorganization ideas. Zients also said the lack of funding for e-government programs will slow the advancement of transparency websites.

  • What to know for an agency re-org

    Cutting some fat at your organization with reorganization. Karen Knowles, the General Manager for the US Federal Government business unit at the SAS Institute has more information

  • Commerce, Labor could merge to form new agency

    Sen. Richard Burr (R.-N.C.) introduced legislation forming the Commerce and Workforce Department using recommendations of GAO and the deficit commission. Thirty-five offices would be consolidated into 12 and funding of seven programs or initiatives would be reduced or eliminated.

  • Reorganization lessons of 9/11

    Former leaders from the intelligence community are looking to see if they can find best practices for the administration’s effort to reorganize the government. We get details from the Partnership for Public Service’s John Palguta.

  • Groves: Census reorg will boost efficiency, technological edge

    Census Director Robert Groves explains how the agency will be able to still perform effectively despite the consolidation and cuts.

  • GSA to centralize oversight of IT, HR after top-to-bottom review

    Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini will tell Senate lawmakers today about his plans to continue reforming the agency in the aftermath of the Western Regions Conference scandal. Along with consolidating CIO and human resources offices, Tangherlini wants the Federal Acquisition Service to reduce its fees. Federal News Radio has obtained an exclusive copy of Tangherlini’s testimony.

  • Tangherlini sought details of GSA IG’s investigation tactics

    The acting administrator of GSA said he met with IG Brian Miller and David Shea after accusations the IG investigator’s tactics were overly aggressive in looking into the recent SmartPay Conference. Tangherlini also expects to receive suggestions on how the CIO reorganization would work, and how to go forward with the reduction of FAS fees in the coming weeks.