Richard Haley

  • Managing the FBI finances during hiring freeze

    By Olivia Branco Federal News Radio The FBI’s budget has been growing fast ever since 9/11. It went from a two billion dollar law enforcement agency to a five billion dollar international terror-fighting operation. Now…

  • The financial outlook of the FBI

    What are the key priorities for the FBI’s Finance Facilities and Real Property Division? How has the transition to UFMS changed the way the Bureau does its business? What is the Bureau doing to leverage mobility solutions to meet its mission?

  • FBI headquarters project in danger of repeating past failures?

    Congress warned the General Services Administration must find a good deal, meet financial and security requirements and remain fair when choosing a site to build a new FBI headquarters. Lawmakers say they are not underestimating the importance of FBI consolidation but are looking for more details as GSA finalizes funding and projects its cost savings for the development.

  • How CXOs can close the value-proposition gap

    The Treasury Department has developed a financial management maturity model to help agencies understand mission value of the CFO’s office.

  • GSA, FBI agree to provide ‘workable solution’ for future HQ project

    The $1.6 billion project was cancelled in mid-July, but officials say they are committed to coming up with a plan for FBI’s headquarters by the end of 2017.

  • Richard Haley: Who keeps an eye on the numbers at the FBI?

    Richard Haley, assistant director of the FBI’s finance division and the chief financial officer, has been inducted as a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.