Robert Peck

  • GSA, Energy going alternative to run its buildings

    DoE wants to make all of its roofs white or light color to help reduce the amount of heat buildings absorb. GSA is testing solar panels, geo-thermal and solar chimneys in different buildings around the country. The goal is to help reduce the government’s $25 billion annual energy bill.

  • Senate to trim ‘land bank’ of office space

    Committee members said the rules governing how agencies dispose of property need to be updated.

  • DHS holds fast to St. Elizabeths HQ plan

    The Homeland Security Department remains committed to consolidating its headquarters on the campus of a former mental hospital in Washington despite receiving less construction money than anticipated. Officials from DHS, the Coast Guard and the General Services Administration reaffirmed their plans to a House subcommittee. The Coast Guard plans to move first, in 2013.

  • Reliability of data, over-reliance on leasing, keep federal real property management on High-Risk List

    Federal real property management for another year is included on the Government Accountability Office’s High-Risk List. Auditors say the government’s excess properties, reliance on leasing, and facilities security are challenges it must face to get off the list.

  • GSA loaning out its Public Buildings Service chief to the private sector

    The General Services Administration is loaning out Norman Dong, commissioner of the Public Buildings Service (PBS), to the private sector. Dong’s departure leaves a vacancy in GSA’s top leadership, as the agency works to plan a new FBI headquarters and answer questions regarding conflicts of interest around the Trump International Hotel.