Ron Sanders

  • Making It Easier to Work in Intel

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has made it easier for intelligence agencies to hire first generation Americans with foreign relatives. ODNI’s Chief Human Capital Officer Ron Sanders explains why these changes are…

  • Keeping the best: Tips for retaining a talented workforce

    The Office of Personnel Management, as well as all other federal agencies, spend a lot of time thinking about, and working toward, recruiting and hiring new federal employees. But keeping the talented people the government already has doesn’t get as much attention. Angela Bailey, Dr. Ronald Sanders, and Linda Springer gave their expert assessments of this issue during the latest In Depth Conversation.

  • Ron Sanders offers lessons learned

    Through nearly four decades of public service, Ron Sanders led major organizational and personnel reforms in critical areas of the federal government. We learn more from the Sammies award finalist.

  • Mission and merit systems collide in HR

    A recent survey of chief human capital officers reveals some shortcomings and frustrations in the relationship between CHCOs and the Office of Personnel Management. But two veteran federal HR experts said such a tension is natural and even healthy. And a top OPM leader talks about an initiative to resolve concerns over the shortcomings of training on the part of the HR workforce and their ability to assist in hiring reforms.

  • Warning for federal managers: don’t get complacent!

    A report released Wednesday said the cost of government attrition goes beyond dollar figures alone but can also have ”significant consequences” on an agency’s policies and programs.

  • Sanders: agency attrition needs attention now

    A report released Wednesday said the cost of government attrition goes beyond dollar figures alone.

  • Report: Keeping Talent key to future success

    Agencies spend significant time and resources recruiting and training top talent but a new study warns that many are ignoring the other crucial side of the equation – keeping those employees. Booz Allen’s Ron Sanders explains.

  • Agency Tip 3: Manage with a ‘personal touch’

    Young people want more of a mentor than a supervisor. Part of ”The Need for the Next Generation” special report looks at what characteristics young feds expect of their managers.

  • Six ingredients to telework success

    Ron Sanders, formerly with the intelligence community, explains the challenges to telework and how to overcome them.

  • What causes ‘leadership deficit’ at agencies?

    Two former federal human-capital experts joined In Depth with Francis Rose for a for a conversation about leadership and management at federal agencies: Jeff Neal, former CHCO at the Homeland Security Department, now a senior vice president at ICF International; and Ron Sanders, the first CHCO of the Intelligence Community, who’s now a senior executive adviser at Booz Allen Hamilton.