• Defense Information Systems Agency

    Richard Hale Chief Information Assurance Executive July 31st, 2008

  • Census Bureau

    Tim Ruland Chief Information Technology Security Officer August 7th, 2008

  • National Archives and Records Administration

    Leo Scanlon Director of IT Security Programs Encore Presentation

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    Glen Bjorklund Deputy Director for Administration Sept. 11th, 2008

  • A War in South East Asia

    There is a border dispute going on between between Cambodia and Thailand and many are concerned it will launch an all out war.

  • U.S. Raid In Syria

    Al Qaida commander Abu Ghadiya was the target of a raid by U.S. commandos inside Syria over the weekend.

  • Nuclear Theft

    Mohamed El Baradei the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency said in a speech on Monday that the number of reports of nuclear or radioactive material stolen around the world last year was ”disturbingly high.”

  • Taliban Negotiations

    Anybody but Mullah Omar. Agence France Press is reporting the Afghan government is willing to negotiate with some elements of the Taliban to try to end the war in Afghanistan…

  • Next Generation MRAP

    The company that developed MRAPs – mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles – unveiled a new prototype of a lighter armored vehicle on which the company is staking a key part of its future.

  • Venezuela and China

    The Venezuelan government is touting the successful launch of its first satellite as part of a joint project with China that started three years ago.