Senate Armed Services Committee

  • Admiral Mullen Asks for More Troops, More Resources, More Equipment in Afghanistan

    The message that more troops needed in Afghanistan was the major theme to come out of Admiral Michael Mullen’s reconfirmation hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee last week. But it wasn’t the only story.…

  • Senate unlikely to consider DoD acquisition bill

    The upper chamber will review IMPROVE Act provisions through the Defense Authorization bill. The Senate also is considering other acquisition bills focusing on the workforce.

  • Contract Overload, part 3: OFPP ready to set tone for the future of MACs.

    Congressional staff members call the current MAC environment ”chaos.” The administration will decide in a matter of weeks whether NIH should continue to run its CIO-SP3 governmentwide contract. OFPP administrator Gordon says several broad policy decisions must be made to address the challenges around multiple award contracts.

  • Senate to hold hearing on DoD plans to axe JFCOM

    The Senate Armed Services Committee has agreed to hold a hearing Sept. 9.

  • Senate Armed Services hears DoD cost-cutting plans

    The Defense Department’s shrinking industrial base is a major roadblock to achieving significant savings over the next three years. In a hearing Tuesday, members of the Senate Armed Services Committee heard DoD’s rationale for plans to save $100 billion over the next three years. Federal New Radio’s Jason Miller brings the latest on DoD’s plans from Capitaol Hill.

  • DoD struggles to explain JFCOM closing

    Some Senate Armed Services Committee members are unhappy with the Pentagon’s lack of transparency and inclusion in the decision to close the base. Defense Deputy Secretary Lynn said the Pentagon held almost 30 meetings before concluding that JFCOM needed to be closed. Lynn also offers insight into future of DoD CIO and BTA.

  • Senate skeptics probe DoD officials on JFCOM cuts

    The Pentagon’s decision to close Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., remains its biggest hot spot in its effort to save $100 billion over the next three years.

  • Senate report: U.S. contractor money aids enemy in Afghanistan

    A Senate Armed Services Committee report found the army of private contractors working for the U.S. in Afghanistan threatens the safety of American troops.

  • Defense authorization bill back on Senate docket

    The Defense authorization bill has been on the Senate calendar, and off the Senate calendar. Now it’s on again. The Senate majority leader is now promising to bring a 2011 defense authorization bill to the floor for a vote.

  • DoD conflict of interest rule does not apply to senators

    The Washington Post reports on a double standard of a defense investment ban that applies to armed services committee staff but not to senators.