• No shutdown for nuclear summit next week

    Federal agencies will operate as normal on Monday, but the Office of Personnel Management is encouraging feds who work downtown to telecommute, work at an alternate site, or take leave.

  • Summit Winners & Losers

    Most Americans will watch the Nuclear Security Summit next week on the TV news. Lucky them. But for those of us in the DC area, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, it’s going to be one of those extended gridlocked nightmares we wouldn’t wish on any other city.

  • Gridlock alert: Disruptions start this weekend

    As Washington gears up to host a huge gathering of world leaders, you need to be aware that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the region could see huge traffic disruptions — disruptions like the region has never seen before. Adam Tuss, reporter with sister station WTOP brings us up to speed.

  • Lame Ducks in Training

    Remember a few years back when a congressional roadblock threatened to shutdown the government and furlough you without pay? Well, the same thing is happening this year except it is no problem and nobody is talking about shutdowns. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says timing is everything.

  • Pay Freeze and Job Cuts, and Furloughs, Oh My!

    What does the sea change election mean for federal workers? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says possibilities include a diet-pay raise, possible furloughs with White House backing and a new effort to get rid of poor performers.

  • Hopes for an omnibus dim after elections

    Democratic insiders question if anything more than a stopgap spending measure and temporary extension of Bush-era tax cuts can pass. The Hill’s Molly Hooper brings us the latest.

  • Government shutdown: rhetoric or reality?

    Tom Shoop of Gov Exec explains the possibility of a government shutdown.

  • The budget trimming begins, in theory

    Incoming House Speaker John Boehner says his party’s goal is to give the government back to the people. But first, reminds the managing editor of The Hill, they’ll need to figure out a way to fund it in 23 working days or less to avoid a shutdown.

  • What will budget battle mean for agencies?

    GovExec’s Tom Shoop gives his analysis of what will happen to feds with the upcoming budget battle.

  • Budget showdown could lead to shutdown

    President Obama has threatened to veto a continuing resolution that would fund government through the rest of the fiscal year. The Hill’s Bob Cusack explains how the CR battle has gotten this far.