State Department

  • Embassy Facelifts

    U.S. embassies around the world are getting facelifts and, in some cases, moving locations completely like the embassy in London. Will Colston is Deputy Managing Director of Project Development at the State Department.

  • Improving Operations: Multiagency Solutions

    On Tuesday we featured a conversation with Iraq Reconstruction Special Inspector General Stuart Bowen and Afghanistan Reconstruction Special IG Arnold Fields on lessons learned from rebuilding Iraq. The RAND Corporation is focused on this issue…

  • North Korea becomes more aggressive

    Temperatures are rising in Asia after aggressive acts by North Korea. The State Department is leading the US response to nuclear and missile testing by Pyongyang. Yesterday spokesman Ian Kelly updated reporters on the situation…

  • State Department

    Kirit Amin CIO Sept. 3, 2009

  • Federal response to Haiti earthquake headed by USAID, Pentagon

    The Federal government has jumped into action after yesterday’s earthquake in Haiti. The lead agencies for Federal response are USAID, working through the State Department; and the Defense Department.

  • Terrorist killed in missile strike

    Pakistani officials say a Filipino militant wanted by the United States was killed in an American drone strike earlier this month. Abdul Basit Usman was reportedly killed on Jan. 14 close to the Afghan border. The State Department’s list of most-wanted terrorists identifies Usman as a bomb-making expert with links to the Philippines-based Abu Sayyaf militant group and the Southeast Asian Jemaah Islamiyah network.

  • The State Department Office of eDiplomacy

    The State Department Office of eDiplomacy is working to launch an internal networking site, tentatively called ”StateBook”, allowing employees to read open messages to and for each other. Office Director Richard Boly says the site will make it easy for State Department employees to identify other people’s expertise – where they’ve worked before – helping them collaborate in a mobile workforce. StateBook is the latest program marking a change from a post-Cold War secrecy to a need to share information internally.

  • The State Department has international posts

    The State Department has international posts…and something called ”Virtual Presence Posts.” The program helps the Department work with key cities, regions, and countries without an American embassy or consulate building. The state department website says that most of their Virtual Presence Posts have their own online sites. That way, diplomats have a choice of travel, public outreach programs, media events, or online webchats to create a ”virtual” presence to connect with local populations.

  • The State of social affairs changing

    A new way to communicate and collaborate is coming soon to the State Department.

  • Fed web managers preview cool new tools

    The 2010 Government Web and New Media Conference continues today at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown, D.C. Some of the federal government’s top web managers and producers are getting a look at some new, cutting edge tools now being developed for federal websites by a new unit of the General Services Administration.