Terry Halvorsen

  • Navy names Halvorsen as new CIO

    The Navy has a new chief information officer. Terry Halvorsen received the promotion today from Secretary Ray Mabus.

  • Navy CIO writes first — and last — blog post

    Navy CIO posts a blog post to let others know this will be the only one.

  • Navy CIO writes first — and last — blog post

    Navy CIO posts a blog post to let others know this will be the only one.

  • CIO will treat Navy, USMC as one IT enterprise

    Terry Halvorsen, who was named the Department of the Navy chief information officer in November, told attendees at a San Diego conference that his organization would seek to build more effective, efficient IT structures by leveraging the size and capabilities of both the Navy and Marine Corps. He also predicted the department’s IT operation would have to meet its responsibilities with fewer people and fewer resources than it now has.

  • ‘Ruthless’ cost cutting coming to Navy IT

    Terry Halvorsen, the Department of the Navy’s chief information officer, said the Navy and Marine Corps should expect ruthless cost cutting in information technology. Halvorsen said if the services don’t cut costs themselves, it will be done for them.

  • Navy must cut IT business systems spending by 25 percent

    The Navy readies RFIs for email and data storage to figure out how to best reduce spending on non-mission critical systems. Navy CIO Terry Halvorsen is exploring whether DON’s non-classified email can be hosted by a third party, and whether a public-private partnership can be developed around data centers. Navy has no plans to use the DISA email system.

  • Buying commercial in DoD: Pentagon struggles to stay away from customization

    Last year, the Pentagon spent nearly $75 billion on acquisitions of commercial items, more than double the amount from five years ago. But the word “commercial” in DoD applies to a lot of products you won’t find on any store shelf.

  • Navy, Marine Corps consolidate Microsoft purchases

    The Department of the Navy has signed a deal with the Microsoft that would consolidate nearly 30 different licensing arrangements with the world’s largest software maker into one agreement.

  • Navy simplifies IT proposal template to focus on savings

    The Navy’s chief information officer released an abbreviated business case analysis template in an effort to encourage IT industry personnel to propose ideas focused on cost savings. The CIO must continue to decrease IT spending by 25 percent over the next four years.

  • Navy reducing IT spending ahead of schedule

    The Department of the Navy is finding real dollar savings by moving to enterprise software licenses, managing mobile devices and services better and reducing the number of printers and the amount printed. Terry Halvorsen, the DoN CIO, said they are on track to meet the goal of cutting 25 percent of their IT budget in five years. January 17, 2013