Tom Temin

  • IT modernization opera: Same score, new conductor

    The federal government may be a step behind industry when it comes to IT, but it’s always the same step. It stays in the race, never quite catching up.

  • No health care reform can stop a determined fraudster

    Ethical people don’t need a code of ethics, while crooks and cheaters don’t care whether you have one.

  • Intelligence pro offers ideas for reducing insider threat

    Defense information pro Paul DeMennato offers advice about protecting informational systems against insider threats. He said it’s more than keeping up to date on patches and monitoring files for human anomalies, it’s about getting your staff to buy in to a culture of protecting against insider attacks.

  • Mick Mulvaney wields the Shop-Vac

    Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney promised this clean-out will launch a longer-term plan to develop a more systematic way to eliminate obsolete rules and reports.

  • One hearing shows why Congress can’t pass a budget

    If you want to get an inkling of why the federal budget process takes so long, just watch a typical budget hearing.

  • Plain writing still a challenge for most government websites

    The results of the 2017 Visible Thread Clarity Index show most government websites scored below average on readable content. This is not good news for government agencies that depend on their websites to pass along important information to the general public.

  • The Intersection of Cybersecurity and Intelligent Automation

    As the cybersecurity challenge has morphed into a multi-front battle – from the insider in the next cubicle to a distant but malevolent foreign power – chief information security officers, network operations and security operations center staffs have steadily acquired a variety of tools to counter the threats. Few federal agencies are operating with an abundance of resources, even for such a high priority activity as cybersecurity.

  • Ira Entis: How federal agencies can take advantage of new products and services

    Industry never seems to stop coming out with new ways information technology can help improve commerce and customer service. Now some new research has uncovered ways federal agencies can more readily take advantage of these new products and services. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more, Ira Entis, director of strategic solutions and emerging technologies at Accenture Consulting.

  • Larry Allen: Trump administration brings reorg to GSA

    It was almost exactly one year ago that the Obama administration decided the General Services Administration needed a dedicated organization for fostering innovative technologies in government, and moved to stand up the Technology Transformation Service. The new administration has other ideas, saying that in order to streamline GSA, the TTS needs to get folded back within the larger Federal Acquisition Service. Larry Allen is president of Allen Federal Business Partners. He joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to talk about the latest reorganization.

  • Fergal McGovern: How are agencies upholding Plain Language Act?

    The Plain Language Act, enacted back in 2010, requires federal agencies to use understandable English. Nearly all agencies have established policies for using plain language. But what they actually put out can leave normal people, even lawyers, scratching their heads. Lots of passive voice, lots of long sentences. A company called VisibleThread has technology that can analyze text for clarity and consistency. It has published a clarity index of federal agencies, based on analysis of their websites. CEO Fergal McGovern joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with highlights.

  • Trump proposal to merge anti-discrimination agencies falling flat

    Employers and labor are opposing President Trump’s plan to combine the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

  • Congress inches to modern tech

    One way Congress might improve is if it upgraded the way in which it communicates to the public. Congressional agencies like the Government Accountability Office and the Government Publishing Office have made tangible modernizing strides in recent years.

  • Wayne Belk: Dealing with cybersecurity vulnerabilities posed by insiders

    It was presidentially ordered after the Edward Snowden affair. It’s chaired by the director of national intelligence and the attorney general. But the National Insider Threat Task Force has information, training programs and policy guidance useful to all agencies dealing with cybersecurity vulnerabilities posed by insiders. The Federal Drive with Tom Temin discussed the task force and its work with co-director Wayne Belk.

  • Cristina Chaplain: Management challenges for the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems

    Evening news broadcasts showed it even before their nightly cavalcade of tornados. An interceptor launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base whacked a target missile in the exo-atmosphere. The test occurred on the same day the Government Accountability Office released a study showing management challenges for the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems, operated by the Missile Defense Agency. Including a number of tests the agency was not able to conduct. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with more, Cristina Chaplain, director of acquisition and sourcing management issues at GAO.

  • Dr. Shulkin commits VA to major surgery

    Dr. David Shulkin has either made a dramatic and long-overdue change, or he’s stomped on a hornet’s nest and unleashed furies that’ll eat him alive.