• Traffic Tie-Ups During the Inauguration

    It’s only been three days since the election and the Obama administration is already having an impact on our traffic. Adam Tuss is the Sprawl and Crawl reporter for our sister station, WTOP Radio, and…

  • 2009 Revisited: Mark Warner on BRAC’s effect on NoVa traffic

    Sen. Mark Warner fills us in on a Northern Virginia traffic study on the effects of BRAC in the region.

  • Summit Winners & Losers

    Most Americans will watch the Nuclear Security Summit next week on the TV news. Lucky them. But for those of us in the DC area, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, it’s going to be one of those extended gridlocked nightmares we wouldn’t wish on any other city.

  • Dying To Work: Location is Everything

    If commuting is the most dangerous part of your day, chances are you work in DC, Dallas, LA, Chicago or some other city. But if getting there is only half the danger you may be a fed based in the middle east, Africa or Mexico. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey talks about different workplace problems.

  • Bill would block BRAC traffic at the parking lot

    It’s being called a potential traffic catastrophe. Thousands of federal workers, and their cars, are being shifted to already crowded roads in Northern Virginia as part of BRAC. Now, there are efforts to stop it.

  • DISA braces for BRAC and the Beltway

    DISA’s Dave Bullock has done the loops and the laps. He tells us what he’s found.

  • Ft Meade gets greenlight for BRAC traffic change

    The state of Maryland and the Defense Department have reached agreement on critical traffic improvements in and around Fort Meade in preparation for an influx of new workers expected to arrive as a result of the base relocation and closing process.

  • Moran: Mark Center traffic to create ‘chaos’

    Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) said his efforts to limit parking at the Alexandria administrative center were not part of the new defense authorization bill.

  • DC tops nation in lost time, money from traffic

    WTOP’s Adam Tuss discusses a report that finds D.C. commuters waste the most time, money and gas in traffic.

  • Moran at ‘wits end’ over looming BRAC disaster

    Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) sees a perfect storm in the future for federal employees and anyone else trying to commute through his district as a result of BRAC. He tells Federal News Radio he’s at his wits’ end trying to avert a traffic disaster.