Trump budget

  • An agency-by-agency look at Trump’s federal budget proposal

    President Donald Trump has called for sweeping cuts to civilian agency spending in his fiscal 2017-18 federal budget proposal, which the White House released Thursday.

  • ‘The fear is real’ Congress could enact Trump-level budget cuts

    A majority of federal employees who took a Federal News Radio survey said they believe Congress will make good on President Donald Trump’s proposed civilian agency cuts for fiscal 2018.

  • Debate the budget, but no canings please

    If you’re a federal employee, the budget proposal comes with some interesting policy ideas. You probably won’t like them.

  • Pay, benefits and workforce reductions in the president’s 2018 budget proposal

    The President’s full 2018 budget proposal offers a 1.9 percent pay raise for civilian employees and a 2.1 percent raise to members of the military. But federal employee unions and organizations say the raise does little to undo the damage the President’s proposed cuts to federal retirement benefits will have on current employees and retirees and future government workers. The budget also details workforce reductions at some agencies.

  • Federal spending on technology could reach $95 billion in 2018

    President Donald Trump’s budget request sent to Congress May 23 calls for an increase of $1.6 billion for federal technology programs and projects.

  • Trump budget calls for $47B in retirement benefits, operational cuts at USPS

    President Donald Trump has weighed in on the ongoing postal reform debate with a fiscal 2018 budget proposal that would save the U.S. Postal Service $47 billion over 10 years through cuts in retirement benefits and mail delivery costs.

  • Where’s gridlock when you really need it?

    After years of people complaining that nothing was getting done because of gridlock between Congress and the White House, suddenly lots of federal workers and retirees are now worried that gridlock will go away.

  • Winners & losers in the president’s budget

    Who are the winners and losers in President Donald Trump’s budget? Find out when Ray Bjorklund, president of Birch Grove Consulting, joins host Roger Waldron on this week’s Off the Shelf, to discuss the president’s spending priorities and what they mean for the business of government. August 22, 2017