U.S. Digital Service

  • Ariel Rabkin, AEI’s Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy

    The Obama Administration wants to avoid a repeat of the technical glitches it experienced with the rollout of HealthCare.gov. One way is through a White House effort called the U.S. Digital Service. The Digital Service will consist of a small team of experts that will serve as consultants to agencies on IT projects. Ariel Rabkin is a visiting fellow with AEI’s Center for Internet, Communications and Technology Policy. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain why many IT projects fail in the first place.

  • Mikey Dickerson, Administrator, US Digital Service

    The new U.S. Digital Service is working with agencies across government to triage IT problems and get programs back on track. The infrastructure for the Service came out of the lessons learned from fixing the problems with HealthCare.gov. Mikey Dickerson is Administrator of the U.S. Digital Service. On In Depth with Francis Rose — and in his first interview since he took over — he explained the mission of the Service, and why industry shouldn’t worry about the Service trying to cut in on its business.

  • Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

    Clear evidence is in: the agile software development concept is leading to more successful federal technology projects. The Office of Management and Budget issued a memo calling for modular project development in 2012, and it’s been monitoring its uptake since. Lisa Schlosser is acting federal chief information officer. Mikey Dickerson is the director of the U.S. Digital Service and the deputy federal chief information officer. Haley Van Dyck is a member of the Digital Services Team. All three of them sat down with Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller to discuss the progress in using the agile concept commonly known as DevOps.

  • Agencies delivering IT capabilities 20 days faster by using agile, OMB says

    The Office of Management and Budget says PortfolioStat data is proving the positive impact agile development is having on IT projects. The U.S. Digital Service is providing both help and training to expand the understanding and use of agile development.

  • Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

    Agencies could get a 2 percent bump for their technology spending accounts in fiscal 2016. But what President Barack Obama’s annual budget request to Congress is doing is acknowledging after years small IT increases, it’s time to spend more to get bigger long-term savings. Federal News Radio Executive editor Jason Miller tells In Depth with Francis Rose the details on the 2016 IT budget request.

  • Carter starts overhaul of Defense personnel system with low-hanging fruit

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter announces the first broad strokes in his Force of the Future initiative, but avoids controversial topics such as military promotion and civilian personnel management.

  • New FBI, ATF hires at the center of Obama’s gun violence reform

    The FBI will hire more than 230 National Instant Criminal Background Check System examiners and other specialists, nearly double its existing workforce, to help process mandatory background checks. The agency is also partnering with the U.S. Digital Service to overhaul the NICS.

  • Agencies smarter in how they deliver IT, OMB says

    The 4th quarter update on Performance.gov details progress and plans for 2016.

  • IT leaders crave flexibility, better OPM guidance to fill skills gaps

    Agencies need clearer hiring authorities from the Office of Personnel Management to successfully recruit and hire new tech talent, said Beth Killoran, acting CIO at the Health and Human Services Department. HHS has a 40 percent vacancy rate among its cyber and IT infrastructure workforce.

  • First round of USAJobs.gov improvements out from OPM

    Improvements to the federal job portal include an application tracker, which lets candidates monitor their progress as they start and finish an application online. The Office of Personnel Management will roll out more improvements to USAJobs.gov throughout the year.