U.S. Space Corps

  • Rob Levinson: What a House proposed space corps would mean for the Air Force

    Air Force brass say they want more planes and pilots. Congress proposed developing a new U.S. Space Corps. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said she’s interested in the idea because it would add complexity and cost. What exactly did the House propose and who’s behind it? Rob Levinson, senior defense analyst at Bloomberg, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss the answer.

  • House panel votes to split Air Force, create new US Space Corps

    The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to carve out the Air Force’s current space missions and turn them over to a new U.S. Space Corps. But several members objected, saying the full committee has never even held a hearing on the issue.

  • OMB to agencies: Learn to live with less

    The Office of Management and Budget has issued its guidelines to federal agencies for 2019 budget submissions, telling them to get comfortable with lower civilian spending and workforce levels.