• OMB’s latest DATA Act guidance highlights PII, financial assistance

    The Office of Management and Budget published more guidance for agencies on what and how to report spending information to comply with the upcoming implementation of the DATA Act.

  • Nicole Ogrysko: Treasury soon to open to comments

    An invitation for you to comment on is coming in the next week or so from the Treasury Department. It’s looking for more feedback on how the site looks and functions, and whether the information itself is useful. It’s just one the department’s big projects as it helps agencies comply with the DATA Act. Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko has more.

  • Treasury will invite more feedback on

    The Treasury Department is looking for more feedback on, an online portal that documents agencies’ financial information. It’s one step Treasury is taking to help agencies implement the DATA Act.

  • Treasury’s fixes to begin with mapping, navigation

    Christina Ho, the executive director for data transparency in the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, said Treasury developed short-and long-term plans to improve the spending portal. She said DATA Act requirements fit well in the department’s strategy.

  • Christina Ho, Data Transparency Director, Bureau of the Fiscal Service

    The Treasury Department has heard the complaints about the portal: it’s hard to use, the data quality is poor, etc. Treasury inherited the portal in February from the General Services Administration. It already has short- and long-term plans to improve the federal spending website. In part one of their interview, Christina Ho, executive director for data transparency in the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, told Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller about the portal’s improvement strategy.

  • Carol Cha, Government Accountability Office was supposed to be the go-to place for all federal spending. But after a couple of years of operation, it’s only halfway there. The Government Accountability Office finds that agencies do a decent job of reporting contract spending. But when it comes to grants and awards, it’s another story. Carol Cha is the director of information technology acquisition management issues at the GAO. She joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive to discuss the chief findings from her agency’s audit.

  • Massive inconsistencies continue to affect data

    A Government Accountability Office probe of, the government’s awards website, found that while contracting information was generally correct, only 2-to-7 percent of awards listed on the site perfectly matched agency data. GAO recommended better record keeping policies be set by the Office of Management and Budget to avoid inconsistencies.

  • Agencies setting off into the next data frontier — procurement

    GSA, NASA and NIH are providing agency customers more insight into what they are buying, how they are buying it and what prices they are paying. OFPP plans to launch the Prices Paid Portal later this year. But others say it’s not about the data, but the outcomes agencies are trying to achieve.

  • White House calls for major changes to DATA Act

    The Office of Management and Budget’s markup of the Senate’s version of the bill changes language around requiring data standards and how the information should be published. Open government advocates are concerned about OMB’s suggestions.

  • OMB sets new deadlines to improve data on

    Deputy Controller Norman Dong issued a memo to CFOs detailing steps they must take over the next 17 months better track and validate data between agency financial systems and the portal.

  • Federal spending database full of inaccuracies?

    Kaitlin Lee, senior developer for the Sunlight Foundation, joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to discuss the group’s recent ”ClearSpending” report, which found that agencies misreport data on

  • Transparency groups call for increased E-Gov funding

    OMB Watch and 30 other open-gov groups are asking Congress to restore funding to the E-Government Fund.

  • Helping small businesses get government contracts

    Guy Timberlake, chief visionary officer of the American Small Business Coalition joins host Markt Amtower to talk about the organization, and how it helps companies that want to do business with the government. May 30, 2011 (Encore presentation June 6, 2011)

  • Budget cuts shutter two open gov sites, others impacted

    OMB detailed its plans for using the $8 million E-Government Fund in a letter to Sen. Tom Carper. The administration will shut down two projects and reduce the functionalities of the others.

  • Budget cuts may end transparency programs

    On the chopping block are the government’s transparency programs and websites like and