iPhone Facilitates Government Efficency

The iPhone is cool for sure, but it’s also a useful tool to make the government more efficient.

There are several applications for the government employee designed to make their work life easier.

Q: Give us an idea of some of the applications that make government more efficient.

A: Feds have to travel for their jobs…so for 99-cents they can download the Federal Travel Regulation Handbook.


Also, there’s the Law Pod – which, for 99-cents, features the federal rules of criminal procedure…a great resource for Justice Department workers…plus all after-tax profits from this particular app will go to law school financial aid programs for needy students.

There’s also a Congressional Directory for the 11th Congress. All the standard directory information is there including contact information, biographies, and maps of the different districts.

Q: It sounds like these could be good for students or historians, too.

A: Really, anyone who is interested in the workings of federal government might wanna check these out. Like the CIA World Countries Factbook, which features economic and population statistics for every country on the map — very popular among State Department and military folks.

Another popular app — the language translator.

Dozens of options for government employees who are traveling abroad and need a pocket translator for just about every language you can think of.

The FBI Most Wanted list — perfect for law enforcement which also has breaking crime news, a list of the most wanted terrorists and a directory of missing children. A portion of the proceeds goes to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

There’s also the National Debt Clock, the U.S. Citizenship Test, and a U.S. Armed Forces app.

Q: How much are these applications?

A: OhMyGov.com tells us that many of these applications are actually free – or 99 cents — but they can cost up to ten bucks. I, myself, have a free copy of the U.S. Constitution on my iTouch, which was free.

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