EPA adds Web 2.0 to Regulations.gov

By Jason Miller
Executive Editor

Citizens now can comment more easily on agency proposed rules.

The Environmental Protection Agency today announces the launch of Regulations.gov Exchange, which builds upon the site launched in 2003.

EPA says the new site lets users post opinions, engage directly with other users and with eRulemaking program staff.


The agency wants public feedback to help shape on-going updates of Regulations.gov, explore the impact of emerging Internet technologies on the rulemaking process, foster government and citizen collaboration and promote government transparency and openness.

Regulations.gov was one of the first Bush administration e-government initiatives to get off the ground. But it has been criticized by non-government groups and federal auditors for not getting all the agencies to consistently use it, and for not making documents easy to find.

The new Regulations.gov Exchange is trying to correct some of these problems, and implement more collaboration tools.

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