Why more people are teleworking

A recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association takes a look at who works from home and why.

“The Telework and the Technologies Enabling Work Outside Corporate Walls,” according to TMCnet, found that “focusing on tasks without disruptions” was one of the top reasons given by employees for teleworking.

No more impromptu meetings just outside the office door, no overly enthusiastic cell phone users in the next cubicle, no “stop what you’re doing and come sing Happy Birthday” interruptions helps keep the workflow going.

Top benefits included “flexible hours, reduced travel time and costs, fewer disruptions, (and) greater productivity.”


Steve Koenig, CEA’s director of industry analysis, said in a statement. “Employees believe their performance is enhanced and their quality of life improves. It’s a mutually beneficial proposition for employers and employees.”

The study found that nearly two in five employed U.S. adults work from home at least one day a month.

You can purchase the study for $699 at myCEA.CE.org.