Crowdsourcing comes to telework

As a federal teleworker, you have an unique, unusual, and valuable view of the world. As such, the Office of Personnel Management and the General Services Administration would like to hear and read about your suggestions, questions and concerns about teleworking.

The Telework Talk blog has been set up for a crowdsourcing discussion about the challenges you face and the solutions you have in mind.

The blog is set up in five sections:

  • Your Telework Experience – In government, private industry, or both, how long, and has it been successful?
  • Your Managerial Experience – What’s your impression of supervising teleworkers?
  • Your Organization – Who are you teleworking for and what kind of position do you hold?
  • Potential Barriers – Including office coverage and management resistance, among others, and how have you overcome them?
  • Your Additional Ideas – Current comments cover the waterfront from enacting laws to reasonable accomodation.

Only Federal employees with a .gov or .mil email address can vote on or offer telework ideas and solutions, but anyone can read the comments and follow the discussion.