Diplomatic telework options to be explored

At a recent town hall meeting with employees at the State Department, Secretary Hillary Clinton was asked by an audience member identified as a “vice president of AFSA” (the American Foreign Service Association) about the “possibility of increasing opportunities for employment through the use of teleworking.”

The Secretary responded, in part:

(As to) teleworking, we are constantly exploring what more can be done. We think it has a lot of advantages. One that we have been promoting is more conferences by teleconference, SVTS, and the like. It saves money, it saves wear and tear, and it can often lead to the same or better outcome than you would get if people had to travel distances. On the teleworking side, similarly, we’re going to explore all kinds of options. I mean, technology gives us the chance to do that.

Expect the exploration of telework options to increase across the federal government. The President’s proposed FY 2011 budget the number of eligible federal employees who telework by 50% by 2011.