More cybersecurity jobs for veterans?

Cybersecurity Update – Tune in weekdays at 30 minutes past the hour for the latest cybersecurity news on “>The Daily Debrief with Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris (3-7 p.m.). writes in the Huffington Post Blog that veterans tend to have strong commitment and good attitudes, and that there is a shortage of cybersecurity experts. And while the GI Bill will pay for a veteran’s education, some colleges shut down during the summer months – which means the tuition payments stop, too. But the federal government is looking to train people year round.

  • The CIA is making a big investment in cybersecurity. Information Week is reporting that cybersecurity is one of the three main priorities the CIA unveiled in its five-year strategic plan. CIA 2015 is a three-pillar blueprint for the agency’s next five years. The goal of the plan is to ensure that the agency remains in step with current national security challenges, such as cyber threats and so-called “dangerous technology.” The CIA also plans to invest in new technology to extend its reach and make the agency more efficient.