The State of social affairs changing

A new way to communicate and collaborate is coming soon to the State Department.

A network called ‘Statebook’ will serve as a conduit for the agency’s 65,000 employees from the U.S. and around the world to share information, says Richard Boly, director of eDiplomacy at the agency.

Using the LinkedIn model, Statebook would help find experts in various fields and potential resources.

Boly tells Government Computer News the network will allow employees to post profiles that other users can validate, as well as link to other resources, articles or posts to other Web-based communities.


The mission of eDiplomacy since 2003 has been to connect diplomats with IT decision-makers and improve collaboration efforts within and outside the department.

Some of its other projects include virtual presence posts, virtual presence posts, which is the department’s internal unclassified online encyclopedia, and communities @ State — a blogging community.