A collaborative effort to improve Health Care

Most doctors don’t make house calls anymore, but a new partnership could make health care more accessible — regardless of location.

Cisco and the state of Colorado will establish the Colorado Connected Communities Initiative (CCCI) to advance the delivery and quality of health care.

Cisco’s HealthPresence initiative provides patients with live, face-to-face visits with physicians and specialists from anywhere.

“Many citizens have to drive great distances for consultative input from physicians,” Mike Locatis, Colorado’s chief information officer, tells Government Computer News.


“With the connected communities initiative, we’re going to put together pilots that extend robust health care through tele-health and videoconferencing to citizens in remote areas, extending capability typically offered in urban areas to rural areas.”

CCCI will also focus on education. A Colorado university will implement distance learning based on Cisco’s TelePresence and WebEx technology to make education more accessible anywhere and at any time.