Homespun advice for the home office teleworker

When preparing to become a teleworker, says home office guru Cecelia Jernegan, “people don’t realize that the biggest issue is limited social interaction. People that are working from home full time find it very difficult not to be in an office environment where there’s a lot of social interaction!”

But, she told the Dorobek Insider, “when you are working from a home office, you’re able to get things done quicker, faster, better and smarter because you don’t have that social interaction. So it’s kind of like a two edged sword!”

The real key to making teleworking work for you is to be results focused. Set goals. Find our from your manager what “is their goal for you to get accomplished. And then you’ve got to break it down.”

As for best practices, she advises to adhere to a routine and dress for success. “If you feel professional, you’re going to talk and speak professional!”