New tool helps lift FAA collaboration

An online knowledge management system has led to better collaboration at the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a government official.

Project Manager Kirk Babcock tells Government Computer News the tool allows the more than 200 crew members in the FAA’s Aviation System Standards organization to stay on the same page, even when dispersed in several different locations.

The Aircrew Resource Center allows FAA staff to maintain aircraft, mission and planning information all in one spot online.

“Having seven different locations, we were actually interpreting all the guidance differently and you actually develop a culture in each one of those areas,” Babcock said. “The crews have really liked this because this whole system they can actually get to from any computer any place in the world as long as it has Internet connection.”


For example, Babcock said the technology was used to coordinate between several government and non-government groups involved with air facilities in Antarctica that his organization needed to inspect.