5 Early holiday bonuses for teleworkers

While your office-bound co-workers leave early in the days around the holidays, you have the opportunity to sit snug and smug in your remote location by getting your shopping done now.

The Street, an investing and market news website, offers 5 Reasons to Start Holiday Shopping and all five are online options.

It seems Toys R Us has chosen June to announce their “Christmas Saver’s Club” holiday plan. That’s beating Cyber Monday to the punch by five months.

But they aren’t alone. Also ready to serve you with cyber eggnog in hand are eLayaway, Target, Sears/Kmart, Amazon and Facebook.


According to The Street, these are the companies offering “the Top 5 holiday sales gimmicks…so far.”

For example, assuming you’re reading this online, you’re one or two mouse clicks away from Toys R Us’s “Christmas Savers Club”. You can put money on a gift card and it will earn 3% interest between now and the holidays.

“Laugh all you want,” says The Street, “at the shopper socking away $500 in June, but he or she will have spending power three Barbie dolls’ greater than the consumer spending the same amount in July. That’s just good parenting.”

Sears and Kmart offer a similar deal of 3% interest on their sites, and Target will start offering a 5% discount to their debit and Visa REDcard holders in the fall.