Algorithms help the Navy with Collaboration

A ton of work to do with limited resources — it’s a common challenge facing many government agencies, including the Navy.

The Navy’s Program Executive Office for Littoral and Mine Warfare (PEO-LMW) is using a collaboration and project management system to prioritize projects, allocate resources and evaluate contracts.

Paul Hullinger, the office’s chief financial officer, tells Government Computer News the tool is a problem-solver.

“How do you make the hard call, and do it with some rigor, other than some gut warrior instincts?” he asked.


The software, which can be installed on desktops or operate via an intranet, uses sophisticated algorithms to run the application. But Hullinger says the complexity lives behind the scenes.

“Once you learn the rudimentary things you need to operate the system, it all seems very easy. The burden is all upon you to figure out what the priority is.”

The software was developed by Decision Lens.