Cyber-jihad group linked to ‘here you have’ worm

Investigators now believe the “here you have” worm may have been created by a cyber-jihad group that is upset over the American military’s presence in Iraq.

The cybersecurity publication reports that the malware author who uses the handle “iraq_resistance” is believed to be part of the cyber-jihad organization “Brigades of Tariq ibn Ziyad.”

Even more troublesome, cybersecurity experts say the group’s goal is to digitally infiltrate the U.S. Army.

At its peak on Thursday of last week the worm represented more than 14 percent of global spam, according to statistics from Cisco.


SC Magazine reports the outbreak mostly died out within a few days but not before causing problems for organizations such as NASA, the Florida Department of Transportation, ABC, Comcast, AIG, Disney and Proctor & Gamble.

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