Will online uproar over TSA lead to action?

The public is in an (online) uproar about naked pat-downs and full-body scans by the Transportation Safety Agency at airports. But will this outrage translate into civil disobedience?

The time may be right, as the option seems to be between the “naked scanner” and a full-body pat-down. Two pilots’ unions have encouraged their members to opt out of the scan due to concern over the radiation, NextGov reports.

But TechPresident reports the public discontent has no clear leadership for action. Anti-TSA activists will need a new strategy that doesn’t rely on the Internet alone.

“Joining a Facebook group in support of the November 24 ‘opt-out’ or ‘do not fly’ day hardly seems likely to lead to action that day,” according to TechPresident


Have you experienced a scan or pat-down? What do you suggest for improvements? Share some ideas at GovLoop.

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