DoD to change IT acquisition, management

The Defense Department has been pushing Congress to help change how it funds, buys, and manages IT projects, Fierce Government IT reports.

Congress received a report from the defense secretary’s office last month that called the current defense budget process “mismatched” to the fast pace of the information technology marketplace.

As a remedy, the secretary’s office said it has already taken steps toward a more comprehensive process for IT delivery.

DoD is suggesting several new reforms. Some of those principles are:

  • Deliver fast and deliver often.
  • Conduct testing and development in stages.
  • Provide a rationale for all requirements.
  • Processes should be flexible.

The report points out this would mean changing the way the Pentagon funds IT projects. Currently, DoD draws money from three appropriations areas — research and development, procurement and operations and maintenance. The report asks that one single appropriation be made for all IT projects.

The report also calls for the creation of some sort of IT revolving fund, as well as giving the Department the flexibility to realign funding, and a new governance approach for IT that would eliminate the traditional phases under the DoD 5000 directive.

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