Let the real telework work begin!

Earlier this month, President Obama put pen to paper and transformed the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 into a done deal.

Now the heavy lifting begins.

If the act can be considered the marching orders from the White House, that might mean Office of Personnel Director John Berry has become the drum major.

In a memo to heads of Executive departments and agencies, Berry outlined the objectives, what needs to be done “Immediately” and what’s expected within 180 days of the enactment.


Immediately, according to the memo, the head of the agency needs to put someone in charge by naming a Telework Managing Officer (TMO), who will have four duties:

  • policy development and implementation related to agency telework programs
  • advisor to agency leadership
  • resource for managers and employees
  • primary agency point of contact for OPM on telework matters

Those are the duties, but the objectives, said OPM, are to improve Continuity of Operations, promote management effectiveness and enhance work-life balance.