How to strengthen cybersecurity at home

Information security professionals should think about the security of their IT set-up at home.

There are huge differences between how you keep data secure across an enterprise – and in your home, InfoSecurity reports it’s worth some consideration.

One key area is your user profile. It’s probably a lot different at home than the one you have at work. You may have children or teenagers at home who are online a lot, Instant Messaging their friends and downloading games or music.

A security researcher at Kapersky Labs says a lot of info-security professionals are less likely to underestimate the value of security. But a lack of time – rather than awareness – can be the problem. Some recommendations:

  • Use the same password management strategies at home – that you do at work.
  • Likewise – keep your applications patched and security software up to date at home – in the same way you would at the office.

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