Military center heart of ‘secret war’ on terror

A new military center is at the heart of a secret war on terror the administration has been developing. The center will be run by the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command.

The Associated Press reports the move marks a big step toward streamlining strikes against suspected terrorists around the world.

The White House recently more than doubled the number of special operations forces in Afghanistan and CIA missile strikes from unmanned drones. It has also expanded counter-terror operations in Yemen.

The new center will be used to coordinate those efforts. One of its primary goals is to speed up information sharing. Among other things, that should shorten the amount of time between targeting suspects and then moving ahead with actual strikes.


For now the new center is reportedly located somewhere near the Pentagon, staffed with at least 100 experts in counterterrorism. The staff includes elite special ops agents with intelligence and law enforcement from the FBI, Homeland Security, and other agencies.

At the heart of it is a cloud-computing network that’s tied into every part of national security.

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