Teleworking won’t stunt your growth

With all the positives teleworking has to offer an agency and managers, there are some concerns.

At some point, managers may wonder if younger teleworkers are learning everything they need to know about working in an office.

Paul Rowson, Managing Director of human resources specialists WorldatWork told FedTalk the concern is understandable, but as The Who said, “the kids are alright.”

I think when you really take a look at the young professional who’s just coming out into the workforce, they’re really not looking as much for telework as they are looking for flexibility. We’ve seen some organizations tout telework as a key attraction, but what we find is that new college graduate really is looking and has earned that desk and they want that desk. They want to have interaction with their co-workers.


They want to come in at 5 o’clock in the morning and they want to leave at 3 o’clock and be on the softball field out on The Mall.

They’re looking for flexible work more than they are always just telework because they are, too, interested in networking. They have social networking tools but they also want to have facetime with their manager and facetime with their colleagues.