Report: U.S. can’t wait to act on cybersecurity

There is plenty of new energy in the national dialogue on cybersecurity, but that has not translated into sufficient progress. That’s one of the conclusions in a report from the Center for Strategic and National Studies.

It’s called “Cybersecurity: Two Years Later” – and it follows up on the think-tank’s report: “Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency” issued two years ago. It may seem hard to believe but – at the time – they said cybersecurity was not a major issue for public policy.

The report states 2010 should have been the year of cybersecurity. It started with a major compromise of data from Google and other Fortune 500 companies; it saw the Department of Defense describe how its classified networks had been compromised, watched the progress of the Stuxnet worm, and ended with annoying denial of service attacks over Wikileaks.

The report says such incidents show how the United States is reliant on – but cannot secure – the networks of digital devices that make up cyberspace. The report’s authors call on policy-makers to do more to reduce risk, and to do it soon.


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