Changes to come in making IT business plans

Ben Marglin, principal, Booz Allen Hamilton

wfedstaff | June 3, 2015 10:07 pm

The Office of Management and Budget’s Exhibit 300 is the budget section that requires agencies to make their business cases for IT projects. But there are changes coming to those business cases.

OMB Exhibit 300s are required by the Clinger-Cohen Act. While there has been consensus that the Exhibit 300s have spurred agencies to look at the business reasons for programs, they have been criticized for being too bureaucratic.

OMB is in the early stages of looking at making changes to Exhibit 300s. OMB officials floated some of those proposals at the 4th annual CPIC Conference 2011 here in Washington.

Ben Marglin, principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, explained how OMB has created a working group to try to find a better solution to the Exhibit 300’s.