NASA cloud pioneer leaves agency

Chris Kemp, NASA’s chief technology officer for IT, is leaving the agency. Kemp announced his resignation on his agency blog saying, “As budgets kept getting cut and continuing resolutions from Congress continued to make funding unavailable, I saw my vision for the future slowly slip further from my grasp.”

Kemp was one of the pioneers behind NASA’s nebula cloud while the chief information officer at NASA Ames, the position he held before coming to Headquarters. Kemp also helped launch while working at Ames. helps agencies buy cloud computing services.

Kemp has also been a big supporter of open source computing. Information Week reports, “the agency donated code from Nebula to OpenStack, an open-source cloud computing project, and at the end of the month, just after his departure, it will host its first-ever open-source summit.”

Kemp has worked for NASA for five years.