Post-Mubarak, Egypt’s state security docs posted online

Egyptians now have a new government, and new-found access to state security documents.

The fall of the Mubarak regime also meant the elimination of the country’s State Security Investigation Service. The agency served as a government-within-the-government, and after its compound was raided by citizens, its documents are being made public.

Egyptians can now view information on torture guidelines, university leadership appointments, even themselves.

The Daily Beast reports that this past weekend, following reports that documents were being burned and moved out of the State Security service, a group broke in and captured some of the documents. Activists carried them home and yesterday they started posting them online.

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Egyptians can now browse through pages and pages of documentation of the daily activities of a secret service that controlled everything from university appointments to the guests on TV talk shows to the winners of the next elections to, allegedly, the drug trade.

While they are not confirmed to be from State Security, the Daily Beast reports that the documents leaked so far appear to be genuine.

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