10 ways the cloud can help your business, agency

Cloud computing is one of the major issues being discussed in the federal IT community. Just last week, federal chief information officer Vivek Kundra announced the progress various agencies are making in an effort to hit the administration’s cloud-first goals.

Some agencies are moving faster than others, including the General Services Administration, which plans to release a request for proposals May 10 for email as a service that could be worth $2.5 billion.

Still not sure how your agency or company should utilize the cloud?

Chris Bucholtz of ForcastingClouds.com has put together a list of 10 ways the cloud can help you.

  1. “Reduction of up-front costs”
  2. “Universal access for remote employees” – the cloud can support employees who work in any number of places.
  3. “Built-in business continuity” – in an emergency, information based in a cloud may be more readily accessible than information stored locally.
  4. “Always up-to-date software”
  5. Free market of cloud services
  6. IT staff becomes more strategic
  7. “Breaks down barriers to entry”
  8. “Faster implementation”
  9. “Scales as needed, when needed” – as a business grows or shrinks the cloud can accommodate those changes.
  10. Saves energy

Bucholtz goes into detail on how each of these cloud benefits can help make a business stronger. Be sure to check out his piece for more.