‘Gizmo’ helps determine telework eligibility

Are you eligible to telework? Federal agencies were supposed to inform employees of their telework status by the beginning of June. But, if you still aren’t sure, the Telework Exchange wants to help.

It has released the Online Eligibility Gizmo – a free quiz, of sorts, users can take to determine whether “you and your position are a fit for telework.”

The gizmo starts by asking the user whether he is a federal employee or not. Next, the user is asked a series of questions about his work requirements and habits. For example, “My performance ratings are based on my work output” and “I work with classified information on a daily basis.” Based on the responses to these questions, the gizmo calculates a “telework eligibility rating” and gives the user reasons why telework would or wouldn’t be a good option for them.

Users must submit their name and email address before the gizmo will check their eligibility. Users can also choose to receive an email of their telework profile or a “complete business case” explaining why telework could benefit them.